Our Team

John D'Orazio

Founder/Managing Partner

About John D'Orazio

John D’Orazio is a Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Ikove Venture Partners and Ikove Advisory Partners. Additionally, John is a Founder at Proton Enterprises, a venture development firm focused on disruptive technologies to empower entrepreneurship. John is an International Business Innovation Association Certified Incubator Manager and acts as a close advisor for a number of startup companies. John brings a hands-on owner/operator mentality to his work, having been a venture development founder of 10+ businesses. He has invested/advised over 50 disruptive technology companies and is actively involved as a board member at Nikola Labs, Circular Wave Drive, Cognovi Labs, ParaGen Technologies, and LEVE foundation.

Previously, John worked in the Internal Sales Department at Federated Investors, and spent time working on social business development in Haiti. In 2016, John was awarded the Xavier University Magis Award, recognized as an alumnus who, within 15 years of graduation, has achieved a high degree of excellence and embodies Jesuit morals and ethical values.

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