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“IkoNano” Partnership strikes first exit.

Ohio-based Nanofiber Solutions (NFS) and Ikove Startup Nursery are happy to announce that eLum Technologies, the first company spun out of their IkoNano Partnership has been acquired.

eLum licensed NFS’s patented nanofiber technology focused on tissue regeneration towards the treatment and healing of neurological aneurysms. “eLum’s exit is proof of our unique technology and validation of NFS’ decade long development of a 56 strong patented portfolio”, said Jed Johnson, CTO of Nanofiber Solutions and inventor of the technology.

“We are happy to see our first joint venture company go through an entire cycle, from idea generation to exit”, said Rodolfo Bellesi, Principal at Ikove Venture Partners. “This is a milestone event for the Startup Nursery.”

We congratulate the elum team and thank our Ikove Partner John D’Orazio and Ross Kayuha, CEO of NFS for their work on the eLum Board. We are excited about the future success in bringing to market such life-saving technology.

About eLum Technologies:

eLum Technologies is a medical device company developing a full portfolio of neurovascular devices. Creating an optimal environment for tissue regeneration, eLum’s proprietary technology promotes cell migration and repopulation, ultimately closing the neck of a brain aneurysm with native tissue. http://elumtech.com/

About Nanofiber Solutions:

Nanofiber Solutions™, located in Dublin, Ohio, designs and manufactures novel three-dimensional (3D) nanofiber scaffolds. Our platform technology mimics the extracellular matrix found within the body, providing a realistic environment for all types of cells whether in the body or on a lab bench. Further information: http://www.nanofibersolutions.com

About Ikove Startup Nursery:

Ikove Startup Nursery is a Columbus, Ohio based venture development investment company that believes in unlocking the potential of technology commercialization by identifying and vetting disruptive technologies at leading research labs and launching those into successful startups that deserve to be shared with humanity. Further information: www.ikovecapital.com