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Nikola Labs Attends the 2018 IoT World Conference

April 16th, 2018

Nikola Labs, a leader in far-field wireless power, attended the IoT World showing off the world's first wirelessly powered predictive maintenance system - PfM. At the heart of the PfM and other applications is their revolutionary INDRA receiver chip.

About the Conference

The Internet of Things World, organized by the Knect 365 will take place from 14th May to 17th May 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, USA. The conference will cover areas like advancement of the Iot market and many more.

About Nikola Labs

Nikola Labs is a wireless power company with an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current (DC) power. We are a devoted and capable team that includes world-renowned electrical engineers and distinguished business leaders united by a common goal – advancing wireless power into the marketplace. Nikola Labs

Media Contact: Michelle Moore, media@nikola.tech, +1-614-633-8124​