Pitch The Startup NurseryTM

Our Model:

At Ikove, we are not traditional Venture Capitalists. We primarily invest in companies that we co-found. We focus on technologies coming out of Universities and Research Institutions around the country. When the circumstances are appropriate, we will also co-found joint ventures with established companies or startups. These JV’s usually develop from opportunities to establish new industry verticals or to establish operations in new geographies.

The Startup Nursery:

As a rule, we join the inventors as co-founders and help launch the company. Once we have co-founded a company, it enters the Startup Nursery. The startup nursery is Ikove’s in-house team of operators and launch-executives that will help steer the new company through the Valley of Death. Once the company has reached a sufficient level of maturity, the company exits the nursery and operates independently. However, Ikove’s team still provides significant support to its portfolio companies even after they have exited the nursery.

The following are some examples of the shared services that Ikove provides to its portfolio companies:

  • Project Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Legal Support
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Creative
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Fundraising

Submit Your Pitch

Please fill out the following form in the most honest and transparent way possible. If you don’t have the answer to some of these questions, simply put the best possible answer that you have at the stage you’re at today (even if that’s I don’t know). We understand that you might not have the answer to every question. This form is just for us to determine if you’re a fit for our model and make any follow-up conversations as productive as possible.