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Ikove Capital

“Ikove” is derived from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous language of South America and means “Growth”.

Ikove Capital Partners is a venture development company founded to pursue early stages investments with emphasis on technology. Ikove is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and has partners, advisors and directors in New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Monaco, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro.

Ikove Venture Partners

(IVP) is a “Startup Nursery” focusing on identifying high potential “Concept” technologies currently in development at leading US Universities and creating the right ecosystem for those technologies to develop into successful startups.

Startup Nursery is a novel concept developed by IVP and includes the following characteristics:

  • Identification and validation of high impact technologies under development at leading US Universities.
  • Nursing those technologies through the so-called “Valley of Death”, where 95% of technologies developed at the schools perish.
  • This involves capital investment but also the setup of high caliber “Launch Teams” that will manage the process, take initial executive roles and help navigate the nascent technology to a level of development that will attract permanent talent and capital.
  • As the technology further develops, a startup is created with full alignment of interests of stakeholders involved; including the university, inventors, management team, Ikove and outside investors; as all become shareholders in the new venture tilting the scales towards the building of a successful enterprise.
  • As this process is replicated and multiple success stories emerge, IVP hopes to expand on the startup culture and ecosystem that exists at different Universities across the country.

Ikove Advisory Partners

(IAP) is the manager of the Startup Nursery Fund (SUN Fund). The SUN Fund will allow external, strategic investors to co-invest alongside IVP and capitalize on unique opportunities related to the commercialization of disruptive startup companies.

The Startup Nursery Fund will primarily invest in technologies during Concept, Seed, and Startup phases to address the huge capital gap commonly called the “Valley of Death”. The goal is to develop the startup far enough to attract institutional VC capital.

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