Our Mission

Growing Technologies into Successful Businesses

Ikove believes in unlocking the potential of technology commercialization by identifying and vetting disruptive technologies at leading research labs and launching those into successful startups that deserve to be shared with humanity.

Universities & research institutions spend over $90 billion a year in R&D

But less than 1% is invested in commercialization efforts.

Known as the “Valley of Death” -

Significant capital gap exits between university funded R&D and VC funded rounds.

Unicorn share of venture investing has skyrocketed while early stage deals have been cut in half.

~2% of all venture deals received close to 40% of all money invested in venture.

Revolutionary IP is left sitting on the shelves at leading universities

Upwards of 95% of patented university innovations go unfunded and never reach commercial market

Ikove Startup Nursery

We bridge the gap between lab and market.

Strategy Overview

Startup Nursery Q2 2022 Insight

Aug 10, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on. Large amounts of weapons and financial aid from the West continue to flow to Ukraine, along with an increasing number of sanctions placed on Russia. These sanctions range from financial and banking, to sanctions banning the purchase of Russian energy and other commodities. Following the events of the last couple years with COVID-19 leading to massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, this has increased the fragility of an already precarious economic and political situation worldwide, sharpening worries over inflationary pressures and the future of economic growth.

About Us

Ikove is a venture development company founded to pursue early-stage investments with an emphasis on technology commercialization. Through its proprietary Startup Nursery, in partnership with multiple U.S. research institutions, Ikove identifies and validates developing high-impact technologies, providing capital and commercialization resources to bridge the gap between R&D and VC funded rounds.


Portfolio Companies

Our Process

We go to the source

Ikove pursues technologies that have been developed and reinforced by significant investments in R&D at leading research institutions. Technologies are vetted through our Startup Nursery, and if they survive, we recruit CEOs and operators to be part of the founding cap table of the companies.

We Focus Where Few are Looking

We are headquartered in the Midwest, where we have access to world-class technologies, infrastructure and teams at a fraction of the cost of the East and West Coasts. Our CEOs can relocate the companies where they see a strategic fit but still have the benefits of lower costs and valuation arbitrage as the operating businesses settles in places like San Francisco, New York City or Hong Kong.

We are Founders

Ikove is heavily involved in the launch and operations of the business alongside each company’s management team. We focus on deep tech businesses instead of investing in or developing the latest trending app; we prefer to focus on disrupting industries that are backed by strong and significant IP.

We Invest in DeepTech

We invest in technologies that solves big problems with significant market potential and are backed by strong intellectual property and knowhow.

Build to Sell

We build our companies to become fast-growing, profitable businesses that can go all the way to IPOs; but given current exit dynamics, we position our portfolio companies in a way that they can be acquisition targets. We develop our companies with a clear “build-to-sell” focus.

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